Cardiff to Eiffel Tower

What an amazing 4 days it’s been. Yesterday was a nice, easy 70 miler down to Paris.  The ride into Paris was lovely. We cycled around the Arc De Triomph, down Champes Élysées and over to Eiffel Tower.  We had a lush celebration meal at a restaurant close to Eiffel Tower and it was great […]

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Day 3 

We started day 3 with only about 3 hours sleep on the ferry. To be honest, that was self inflicted because of the booze we had on board overnight!  I started the day with the group I got promoted up to, but as soon as we set off, I knew I was going to have […]

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Day 2

Yesterday was so much easier than day 1! It wasn’t a breeze but it was nicer! We started the day in Frome, made our way down to Salisbury (with a traffic jam from some cows for good measure)    Made it to Portsmouth in great time. Here’s my team.    Slightly regretting drinking ’till the […]

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Day 1 

The ride to Paris started at 9am yesterday at the BT Sport Cardiff Arms Park. The route took us though town, up Newport Road, through Lamby Way and over to Newport. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were with the gradient in the road (or lack of it). However, things were to get more difficult […]

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Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

‘Step outside of your comfort zone’ is a phrase we’ve heard so many times. I’ve never really taken much notice of it before – those ‘team building’ ‘inspirational’ clichés tend to wash over my head because they’re just used too much.  However, this time last year, I decided to actually action it. In the last 8 […]

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Not Long Now 

It seems like only yesterday that I heard about the charity cycle from Cardiff to Paris.  It was my radio station, Capital South Wales, where I heard a news story about the epic charity ride to raise funds for Owen Williams’ future care. At that moment, whilst driving down Newport Road in Cardiff, I decided that […]

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Thank you,

A MASSIVE thanks to Welsh based comparison site for the generous sponsorship for #StayStrongForOws!  Check them out to save yourself some money! You can also add your donation if you’d like. Just click here:

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